Michael Pflug was born in Kassel Germany in 1929. He painted landscape watercolours in Potsdam since 1943. He had contact with Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) painters Georg Schrimpf, Karl Nebel, Franz Radzivill 1938-1951.
Recommended by painter Julian Trevelyan in Chelsea, London to School of Paris Painters Viera da Silva and Arpad Scenes who became his mentors.
From 1951-1952 he went to Art School in Hamburg.
In 1952 he started Medical school in Erlangen. From 1953-1957 he went to Medical School in Paris. He married Christiane Schutt in 1957. 
Worked in Tunis, in the Sahara town Foum Tatahouine and Kasserine from 1957-1959 during the Algerian war.
He moved to Toronto in 1960.
In 1968 he worked in Chicago with Rhumathologist Dan McCarty.
Christiane Pflug died in 1972.
Travels in India, Pakistan, China, North America, Australia and Ecuador.
Presently lives and works in Toronto.

Solo Exhibitions.
Gallery Moss, Toronto. Canada. 1972
Idee Gallery, Toronto. Canada. 1978, 1979, 1980
D&E Lake, Toronto. Canada. 1981
James Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto. Canada. 1982

Group Exhibitions.
In Potsdam, Germany. 1943
Orangerie, Erlangen. Germany. 1952
Gallery Duncan, Paris. France. 1954
Salon des Artistes Français, Paris. France. 1954
Salon de Tunis, Tunis. Tunisie. 1958
Alliance Française, Exhibition with Christiane Pflug, Tunis. Tunisie. 1958
Montreal Spring Show, Montreal. Canada. 1962
Idee Gallery, Toronto. Canada. 1981
D&E Lake, Canadian Paintings. Toronto. Canada. 1981
D&E Lake, Canadian Watercolours. Toronto. Canada. 1981

Public Collections.
Von der Heydt  Museum, Wuppertal. Germany.
Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg. Canada.
Market Gallery, Toronto. Canada.

Private Collections.
Florian Schodel, Philadelphia. USA.
Martin Lavut, Toronto. Canada.
The Allodi Family, Toronto. Canada.
Charley Hill at the National Gallery, Ottawa. Canada.
Thomas Weisskopf, Zurich. Switzerland. 

Retrospective at Loop Gallery, Toronto. Canada. 2017
Retrospective at Arts and Heritage Center, Warkworth. Canada. 2018

EMAIL.  mpflug@sympatico.ca